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No more mosquito bites

The Nosquito Bracelet is both more convenient and more effective than regular anti-mosquito sprays.

Consistently Avoid Pests

The Nosquito Bracelet completely disorients mosquitoes so that you are essentially invisible to them. Our formula targets mosquitoes and other annoying insects' sense receptors, making you a very unpleasant target.

Protect Your Family

The Nosquito Bracelet contains multiple notches for various sizing. Fits wrists small enough for children 5 and older, and large enough for large adults.

Avoid Viruses

Many mosquitoes carry sickening viruses. Protect yourself and your family when you're enjoying outdoor fun.

Made Organically

The Nosquito Capsule in the center of the Nosquito Bracelet is filled with 100% organic geranium plants, which is scientifically proven to be more effective for insect deterrence than citranium oil or deet—the active ingredient found in most anti-mosquito sprays.

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